Progress Photography

Comission us to overfly your on-going construction projects. Multiple flights can be arranged over time to monitor the progress of work and give you that bigger picture you can’t get from the ground!

Land for Development

Using our aircraft we have the ability to provide overviews of land that provides context to the surrounding areas. We have the scope to provide “drone-like” photographs but our aerials from height really set us apart from the competition.

Commercial Property

Clients often use Airfotos to attain images of property for sale. Using the aerial imagery to highlight the pottential of the property, and its location with context to the surrounding links and amenities.


Companies and clients regularly commission Airfotos to attain high quality aerial photography of events in the region. Our photos often highlight to incredible turnout to these events, and showcase them from angles that would be otherwise unseen. We have approvals to operate over large crowds and built up areas that many Drone companies do not.

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